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The Proper Way of Storing an Air Conditioner during the Winter

air-conditioning-care-austin-txWinter is only a few weeks away. Which is why, it is time to store your air-conditioning unit back in the shelves and wait for the next summer. It may sound easy just to store an air-conditioning unit, however there are certain steps that you will need to follow to make sure that you can get to use your air-conditioning unit when the next summer comes by. There are times when people just store their air-conditioning units without proper precautions and wonder why their units stop working when it is time for them to use it. Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid this from happening.

1. If you do not have a man around your house, then it is best for you to hire some muscle to remove your air-conditioning unit off your window. Do not take matters in your own hands. Air-conditioning units are generally bulky and heavy. However, if you have a man around to take care of this; please do not hesitate to ask for help carrying your air-conditioning unit out of your window. It is very important to do this, because I know that you are aware that when Air-conditioning units suffer an accidental fall, then it is likely been partially damaged and you will end up paying for a higher repair bill. So, it is imperative to take serious precautions when you are detaching your air-conditioning unit outside your window or even medical bills if you have a bad back.

2. Once you have successfully removed your air-conditioning unit off your window, then it is time to give your air-conditioning unit a proper tune-up. But before you give your air-conditioning unit a proper tune-up, make sure that there are no wires that are holding down your air-conditioning unit. Once you have managed to do that, you can now proceed to placing your air-conditioning unit on a towel. When you place your air-conditioning unit over a towel, then it is time to clean your air-conditioning unit’s filters to increase your unit’s efficiency levels. When your unit has a reusable filter, then it is best for you to clean your filter by using  a handy vacuum cleaner to remove the big chunks of gunk. Once you have removed the gunk, then it is time for you to give your filter a good wash with soap and water. Before rinsing your filter, ,make sure to soak it in diluted vinegar water to disinfect all the unseen bacteria and germs. After doing this, you can now give your unit’s front grill a  good clean to make sure that your unit is spotless.

3.  You can now store your air-conditioning unit once it is spotless from dirt and bacteria. For apartment dwellers, it maybe a bit of a hassle to get this done but it is not impossible to do. When you live in an apartment, you can just pick out a dry floor surface near your window as your air-conditioning unit’s temporary home. Please make sure that you have a protective covering to make sure that no dust, dirt, moisture can get through your unit. However, if you have a bigger living situation where you have an attic and/or garage; then you can place your air-conditioner in your garage or your attic. If you choose to store your air-conditioning unit in your garage, please make sure that you can store your air-conditioning unit far away from places where car fluids or any liquid might leak. Please make sure to do same precaution, if you are going to store your air-conditioner at your basement or attic and make sure that they are boxed and seal to make sure they are protected from dusts while your air-conditioning unit is having a winter sabbatical.


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